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Attorney Paul O’Connell, Owner/Principal

From the time Paul O’Connell became an attorney, he has fought for the rights of injured workers throughout the state of Texas.

Paul O’Connell aggressively represents Texas residents who become injured while working – common folks who face the challenge of employers and insurance companies that know the law bust do everything they can to pay as little as they can to those who deserve it the most.

Paul has fought hard to make sure that powerful insurance companies play by the rules. Everything from negotiating a simple payment of prescription reimbursements to hard-fought adversarial battles in Contested Case Hearings over issues of fact and law – Paul has done it all. There is no part of Texas Workers Compensation Law that Paul O’Connell has not faced or battled through for his clients. 

If you want an experienced, tough, aggressive attorney who gets you results, Just Call Paul!  281-804-6882

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You could be talking to a Houston Workers Compensation Attorney within minutes. All you have to do is call 281-804-6882. The call is completely confidential, takes only a few minutes, and could change your life. Workers Compensation claims can have an affect on your entire life, so call today and change your life.

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The consultation is free & only takes a few minutes!

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