Dealing With The Employer

Following A Texas Workers Compensation Injury

Dealing With Your Employer Following A Texas Workers Compensation Injury

After an on-the-job injury, there are many things to consider in dealing with your employer. Naturally, the employer may be upset that an otherwise productive employee is now not only unable to fulfill their job duties, but they are in a situation where they could end up costing the company more money.

Be Compliant With The Employer

Following your injury, the employer will have many things for you to do, all of which are probably reasonable and expected. They may include:

  • Having you examined by their company doctor
  • Getting the proper forms and documentation filled out
  • Sit for an interview with the company safety supervisor to determine the facts of the accident
  • Keep the employer informed of doctor’s instructions, changes in health or work status

Some things that the employer may not do include:

  • Forbid you from seeing your a doctor of your own choice
  • Force you to perform work which your doctor has said you should not do
  • Refuse to assist you with filing a workers compensation claim
  • Fraudulently try to discourage you from filing a workers compensation claim (for example, by falsely stating that they don’t have workers comp insurance, etc.)

It is important to remember that Texas Workers Compensation cases are all very different and all very complicated. The employer and the insurance carrier know the law better than you do, and they have every incentive to fool you into believe that they are there to help. Don’t be fooled. Always consult a workers comp attorney after you’ve been injured.

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